Living in a Power Station.

If you’re enjoying the peace and quiet of Sunday morning, take a look at this YouTube clip and sympathise.

The link was included in Andy’s comment on the “one turbine down” post, on James’s Backpackingbongos  blog.


5 thoughts on “Living in a Power Station.

  1. surfnslide

    Hi Geoff, found my way to your site for the first time from Alans. Facinating video about the direct effect of Wind Farms, highlighting some impact that certainly I wasn't aware of as well as dispelling some of the myths. I still hope that eventually some of the building pressure will cause a rethink on this.
    I'll catch up on some of your other stuff as well and you to my blog roll and feeds

  2. Geoff Edwards

    Thanks Allan, I’d not seen the flicker effect mentioned before, and the noise levels are quite shocking! Imagine going from remote countryside silence, to motorway living in a few weeks!


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