Loch Quoich Part 2.

The evening was spent cooking supper, dodging midges, and searching for a decent pitch for the Voyager. We eventually settled for a spot on a small humpy piece of ground close to the bridge, not ideal but attracting a gentle breeze which kept the midges at bay whilst we set up camp. 
The next morning was warm and sunny, but unfortunately windless so the tent porch was filled with midges, as it was quite early we decided to give it an hour to see if an early morning breeze would drive the little blighters away. No such luck! An hour later there were clouds of midges everywhere so we dashed to the car and drove along the loch side searching for a windy spot that would enable us to breakfast in peace.

Today we had decided to climb Gleouraich and Spidean Mialach, another good stalkers path was promised by the guide book and we weren’t disappointed. It starts opposite the car park by a large estate sign, and is easily followed up the southwest ridge until it terminates at a very elaborate shooting butt. A less distinct path climbs the last few hundred metres to the top. The day was hot with very little wind and our legs were still carrying the fatigue from yesterdays outing, never the less we arrived at the summit in just few minutes over book time, which was very good considering the amount of time we’d spend looking at the view.

The walk along the ridge to our second Munro of the day Spidean Mialach was super with great views in all directions. The path is easy most of the way, although the drop down to the Fiar Bhealaich is steep enough to require all of your concentration.  

By this time our out of condition legs were feeling pretty tired and the last slopes up to Spidean Mialach proved a bit of a trial.

We spent almost an hour on the top, resting our tired legs and drinking in the views, before picking up the faint descent path which starts just a couple of metres to the east  of the summit. Although its hard to follow at times, the path continues all the way back to the road, which it joins just a short distance from the car park. Another spectacular day in the hills, this really is Scotland at its very best!

One thought on “Loch Quoich Part 2.

  1. Alan Sloman

    Every time, on every blog, when I read about the blasted midges my skin crawls and I brush my hairline and clear my ears and eyes…

    Looks like a great day, Geoff.


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